Very Fine Anatomy Tool Primal Pictures (Discounts available)


I am always in the market for fine Anatomy Pictures and Tools. Anatomy is only important in the work I do with people to the degree that it offers me, my students, and my clients alternative and new ways to observe the body. Body Beliefs is the name of my company because we have many beliefs about our bodies that are patently untrue or ill conceived. Anatomy can offer us some new and helpful insights and help alter those beliefs.

Just a few minutes exploring in the Primal Pictures amazing Anatomy discovery programs can help folks really get a new appreciation for how their body works. When you have a clearer understanding of the body and its spatial and movement relationships your body moves better and more elegantly. Many pains resolve themselves. New efficient use patterns become quickly available. You learn how to express yourself well with your body and movement. Confidence grows.

I don’t even suggest learning names, simply looking at pictures makes the difference in how you see yourself and how you can progress embodiment-wise.

Recently I reconnected with Primal Pictures and they offered me a substantial Discount for their software to me, my clients, and students. Like upwards of 40% Off now. Check out the pdf order form below.

Right click on this link and choose Save File As…
Then open it in your computer with Preview or Adobe Reader.
You can even type your info directly into the Form, Print it, Sign It, and Fax it to Primal Pictures. Enjoy. Really easy to use. Interactive. Fun.
(Or go to their site for many other valuable Programs and enter SBELL in the Discount Code area. That simple.)

Let me know how it goes now, okay.


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