Understanding the Body and other Beliefs. Managing Your Body Beliefs

Beliefs run our lives. They are everywhere and under every decision we make. Believe it or not.

Let’s not tackle religious, spiritual, or political beliefs right now. Too much fuss about those, maybe later. Let’s think about simple, everyday things, like who we are, what’s our self image, what needs to get done, is my body in shape or attractive, does he, she appreciate me, etc. Beliefs come in all varieties and shapes, and arguably they are ubiquitous.

The most important aspect of beliefs is first being able to identify them, and then furthermore being able to deal with and manage them well. I wonder if you know how you are manage your beliefs now.

The Avatar Company and Courses (Harry Palmer) create some awesome insights, and they have some very valuable downloadable Mini-Courses**.

One such Avatar Mini-Course is entitled: Insight, Belief Management. There is a downloadable PDF version. You may want to download it now and complete it for yourself. Very enlightening. Go get it, okay.

In exercise 1, pages 8 and 9 you will want to create a separate section for the body and ask yourself some insightful questions like “List three things you believe about your body, your belly, your self image, your face, your memory, your aging, etc.” Go wild.

Avatar Insight: Belief Management Mini-Course

If we want to make permanent, broad reaching changes in our body, movement, image and presentation, we will have to broach some spectacular (some correct and many erroneous and unsubstantiated) beliefs we have about ourselves, our bodies, and our world.

Let’s get started now, okay.

What are the beliefs that run your life, and what do you want to do about them?

** These very useful Avatar Mini-Courses. There are seven and they are entitled Awareness, Insight, Determination,   Perspective, Compassion, Integrity, and Alignment. You may want to do them all after you work with beliefs.

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