The Promise of Rolfing Children Part I – YouTube

The Promise of Rolfing Children Part I – YouTube.

This video comes from a previous book about Structural Integration (like Hellerwork) for Children. It shows the amazing changes possible in a very short time period, and that the changes are generative, meaning that the results continue to get better long after the actual work has finished. These changes keep progress for the better even when there isn’t any movement education and cues in the process. When the mind is involved the changes are even more progressive. Posture and alignment in our everyday lives are the result of lots of learning and practice (see Fundamental Movement Skills article above) over many years. Movements into actions, actions into functional abilities and movement patterns, into habits, and eventually into structure. Bones and all connective tissues form according to the stress of learning and habit (not as most people think due fully to genetics). Changing posture and habits of a lifetime most often requires changing structure to get a functional changes (eg dental braces on teeth to change the smile, bite, chewing of people at most any age).

All physical change work is best done at movement learning and education level and structural levels.

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