Structural Integration Results

Structural connective tissue integration with Stuart Bell


Structural connective tissue integration gets quick results–
Optimize health, wellness, body brain integration, and movement–
Clients master stress, pain, and dysfunction.
Avoid future injuries, heal past injuries–
Master posture, balance, and presentation–
Good posture improves performance-

Structural Integration Benefits

Structural Integration Benefits

Master your body and movement, in order to help you feel great and look great

It’s really that simple.

Expected Structural connective tissue integration results:

Aligned, Balanced, Strong, Capable, Flexible, Fluid, Relaxed, and Pain Free Body.

Ease, Skill, Poise, Power, Energy, Balance, Presence, and Charisma.

It is not magic. Magic is the way the body takes care of itself and heals itself when offered the right tools, conditions, and brain body information for success.

This work offers you the right tools, right conditions, and stellar information.

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Stuart Structural Integration Practitioner
Stuart J. Bell Structural Integration Practitioner

Begin with Superficial Layers

Initial work corrects and reorganizes the structure and functioning of the more superficial fascial network of the body. The fascial network has gotten stuck and glued together in odd ways according to your development and movement patterns. It is often in a state of dysfunction due to years of poor movement patterns and postural habits. Many of these patterns were learned during our development and through various accidents and mishaps. Communication between the body systems has suffered as a result.

Imagine wearing an overly tight shirt for the whole day. Imagine the limitations and discomforts from the ill fitting shirt. Circulation alone decreases. Basically your skin has been acting like an ill fitting shirt. Once the skin and its next layer are reorganized circulation improves. Skin and superficial fascia are important for elimination of waste and toxins. That improves as well. Parts of your body begin to talk to each other. Little wonder people experience a startling new found freedom and renewal in life.

Next we go to work with deeper structures

As we proceed deeper the brilliance of the work relies on making neurological, structural and awareness connections from one body part, structure, and layer to another and to all the other parts. Our hands encourage all the systems and parts to communicate, to talk to one another, to integrate,   and to function optimally.

Structural Integration is the generic term for Rolfing, and on the other hand Hellerwork, the brand I studied and taught, is a particularly effective form of structural, movement, and body-mind psychological integration which is especially relevant to lasting change. Furthermore, we start at the superficial layers and only work deeper as the body permits it. It lets us know when and how. Finally, amazing local and long distant connections and relationships are established or renewed causing

Here is a Youtube video about Structural Integration results that will give you some further ideas about what changes and benefits are really possible for everyone at so many levels.

Click here for The Promise of Rolfing Children.

To add to the stellar results of structural integration the client and I move on to other ever more sophisticated structural, developmental, movement, and body-mind re-patterning techniques of the Alexander, Feldenkrais, PNF, MarinNLP, and Visceral modalities.

Who Gets Great Results from Structural Integration:

Stuart works with men and women ranging in age from 35 to 70, who want to:

*   master stress, pain, and dysfunction.
*   master upright and balanced posture.
*   master ease and grace of movement.
*   project a relaxed, powerful physical image and charismatic presence individually and in groups.
*   perform extraordinarily at athletic, fitness, business, health, and well being!

I wonder, who do you know who might benefit and be curious. Call 510 684-3173.

Other Results with Stuart:

*   promotes physical and emotional self confidence.
*   aligned posture (especially with gravity) and fluid capable movement.
*   confidence building physical communication skills.
*   connects and grounds body and mind.
*   explores the experience of pleasure and comfort.
*   inner and outer self renewal and creativity.
*   look and feel young, vibrant, and alive.
*   share your passion and creativity with others and the world.

What it is not!

Although deep tissue bodywork and myofascial release techniques probably originated from Structural Integration they are very different in scope, purpose, and desired results.

It is not massage, but it does get confused and compartmentalized with massage.

It is not chiropractic, osteopathy or medicine but works well with those modalities.

It is a whole body, whole person processing for optimal health, balance and resilience.

If you are curious now about how Structural Integration might surely help guide you in your transformation…

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This meeting alone can be very enlightening and useful for change.

Structural Integration Results
Structural Integration Alignment Results