Testimonials for Stuart Bell, Structural Integration and Body Change Work.


Wow! Run faster without pushing it.

Wow! That was some good advice you gave me for activating my glutes!  Walk like Groucho instead of Mr. Natural.  Since seeing you, every time I go for a run I’m faster without really trying.  And my glutes are sore, so I assume it’s because they are getting stronger every time.  So far I’ve taken 38 seconds per mile off my normal running pace without really pushing it. Thanks.
BayArea Hiker / Runner June 2014


New improved me horse work mentoring.

Stuart Bell has been a mentor to me in Equine Structural Integration as well as my  practitioner in Hellerwork.
He has enhanced my knowledge of Equine Structural Integration greatly and has given me technical knowledge as well as very useful tools to use in my journey to become a skilled practitioner. Whenever I have a question of Stuart I know he will answer it  by taking into account my learning styles which are audio and hands-on. In addition he will ask me thought-provoking questions to facilitate an independent learning process. He also introduces me to various resources I would not have encountered on my own. He has been generous with his time and his knowledge!
When he has worked on me using the 10 sessions of Hellerwork, I have noticed a very gradual awakening to freedom of movement in my body. This has manifested also freedom in my thought processes and I feel more creative and open to new ideas as a result of the work. I also notice a greater feeling of resiliency psychologically to situations that I believe in the past would have caused me more grief before I experienced the bodywork sessions. When I struggled in the past with various issues, I have a greater sense of confidence that these issues  will be resolved with a smaller amount of effort and less angst. I also think my attention span is longer and that my focus is greater than it was in the past.
His work has enabled me to write this testimonial in a shorter amount of time than I would have thought possible!  ha ha
So the new improved me would like to thank Stuart for all his work, and education, which has all been done in a light and playful way that informs the mind while engaging the body on a  joyful learning path.
Thanks for everything, Stuart!
Debbie Tong- Musician, Equine Structural Integrator 2013


Ten fold business growth and 100 mile race.

When we started, I had two major goals: I wanted to increase my business and run 100 mile races. In the beginning I could run about 10 miles with lots of knee pain from a knee that had no cartilage. Now I have run many 50 mile races, and on a recent weekend I ran a 30 mile race on Saturday and another 30 mile race the very next day, and no knee pain! I am planning two 100 mile races this summer. Oh BTW my business has increased nearly ten fold.
BTW I recently ran my first 100 mile race in 26 hours and 59 minutes.
Building Contractor, SF Bay Area 2013


Strength and stamina.

After working with Stuart this year when I took my mandatory Fire Fighters physical strength and stamina exams I scored an amazing thirty percent (30%) better than last year without making any other changes in my life. I am very pleased, and I am so excited to see further results as we work together in the coming year.
Fire Department Captain 2012


Skillful hands.

I feel I have met my counterpart in you, Stuart. For me, how to re-pattern the mind/neurology/psychology and for you the body, it’s movements and expression. I am still tracking and feeling the effects from our first session, and can’t wait for more. I’m so glad to know you are out there helping people find health, and congruent expression of movement through your skillful hands and attention. Carry on dear brother…
Matthew Blom, NLP Master Practitioner 2011


Proper alignment and body communication.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting when I went to see Stuart. A deep massage, maybe with some stretching? What I got was so far beyond that. Always there was an awareness of proper alignment, form and function, but he also has a keen sense of a body’s potential to communicate our truth, simply and elegantly. Stuart works with bodies the way a haiku poet works with words. He apparently draws from Feldenkrais, Hellerwork Structural Integration (Rolfing), Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and a whole bunch of other modalities I’d never heard of. And he explained it all in a way that I could really get what he was doing, and integrate it. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone who wants to experience life with and through their body (instead of despite it).
David Sals, Executive Coach and Trainer 2010


Energy and focus.

Working with Stuart was a pleasure.  He patiently showed me how to use my body more gently as I walk, sit and stand. Since my session, I have been more conscious of how I sit, especially, which improves my energy level and focus throughout my day.  I look forward to doing more work with him.
Naomi Colb, Coach, Trainer, Author 2010
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Body communicates leadership and authority.

Stuart Bell is a phenomenal practitioner. I saw incredible changes after working with him. As a businessperson, it is very important to me how I present myself, which includes how I carry my body. It is important to me that I be seen as a leader and an authority. Working with Stuart, I learned the subtleties of how one carries one’s body sends a lot of information. Stuart also worked on my body and had me practice new ways of carrying my body. Stuart is personable, knowledgeable, and provides a great deal of value.
Sanford Friedman, Business Consultant 2010



Stuart is a masterful practitioner and teacher of Hellerwork and Anatomy. His work and touch is extraordinary and of the finest quality. He is a wonderful loving man!
Philip Paskal, Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, Petaluma 2008


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