Magnetic Resonance Imaging Real Time Birth Images

Magnetic Resonance Imaging has offered amazing pictures of the inside of the body with no detrimental effects to the body. It along with Ultra Sound technology has revolutionized imaging of body structures, non invasively. Now we are seeing Functional Magnetic Resonance Images of real time processes.

Because of my studies in Magnetic Resonance of biomolecules in Biochemistry graduate school at University of California at San Diego Magnetic Imaging holds a dear place in my heart. Funny thing to say, right.

I joined a group on LinkedIn calledMagnetic Resonance Research Network and was excited to see a reference to a site doing Functional Magnetic Resonance of Birthing.

Then I searched YouTube on the internet to find:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

From the perspective of someone who has worked for over thirty years to alter Connective Tissue to make profound changes in people and horses, Magnetic Resonance Images offer a rare view that shows how important the Connective Tissues are. They wrap every structure and organ in the body. Although we tend to think of the body as having boundaries between all its structures it isn’t actually separated as we think, and MRImages make it clear that all the structures meld together. Boundaries are much more permeable than we think at first.

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