Joints: Where are they, how they limit us

You think that joint means the meeting place of two or more bones.

But really, a joint is the space where movement occurs. So, sure between two bones is a space where movement occurs. As another example, the space between your skin and deeper layers can also be considered a joint, and if it doesn’t move neither do you. Try wearing tight clothing and notice the restriction to your movement, or wrap a piece of tape around a body part. There are literally millions of other areas in your body that move and are joints.

And, if you will simply redefine the meaning of joints in your body and learn how to move them in new ways, then you will move through life in an entirely different way. Many of your aches and pains will disappear, magically. You will appear more lively and graceful. Your brain will become more active and alive. People will tell you they have greater confidence in you.

How do I do this, you may wonder. Well, I will tell you, but you will have to check in here every so often to find out.

In the mean time, feel how your skin moves in a particular direction. Hold it gently against the limit of movement. Walk, move, or any other movement while you hold it and feel for it changing under your touch. Then retest the area and find out if you got a bigger movement in the skin or in how it feels and the end of its range. Go move gently and with the flashlight of your attention notice if your movement feels different; lighter, freer, more enjoyable, etc. Let me know what you find out.

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