Holographic Symmetry: body, business, movement

People think that life is linear and each piece is separate: body, soul, business, relationships, work, play,… Western culture often views every thing by parts.

But actually life is complex and inter-related. If you change any part, you change the whole.

And if you will just connect the dots between all aspect of your life.

Then you will make dramatic changes that you want in the whole of your life now by changing some of the simplest things in your body, movement, habits, beliefs, etc.

Life can be considered as holographic. Everything is just like everything else. If you respond is some way to a particular situation you are likely to respond the same way in other situations. In the body that means that whatever you do to one part of the body you do to the whole, and how it affects the whole may not be linear.

As described by NLP Marin in describing their Holographic NLP course ( http://nlpmarin.com/nlp-certification-courses/) …is about learning to work with the whole by dealing with the parts. It’s about sensing the structure of the client’s whole life (the “whole field”) through having contact with any piece of it. It’s about how to drop down deeper without making things more complicated.

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