Healthy Knees, Healthy Connective Tissue

How to have healthy connective tissue and joints.

Long held “body beliefs” may be holding us back from what we love (or want) to do and from being successful in our pursuits. Challenging those beliefs (perhaps all of our beliefs) often proves transformative. There are a number of beliefs and ideas about how our bodies work that could do well with a good challenge. How our bodies heal themselves is one of them. Bodies are the most amazing healing devices on the planet when they are given the best conditions to support that healing. I’d take a step further and say the only healing comes from within.

My friend Bill Parravano is the Knee Pain Guru. His website is About three years ago I first looked at one of the many informative free videos on his website, and what he said had me question one of my long held “beliefs” about the body. He indicated that cartilage although highly helpful was not absolutely necessary to having healthy, capable joints. So I took him at his word and decided to test my belief and his theory.

At about the same time Gary a forty something new prospective client came to me saying he wanted to run 100 mile foot races. Gary was just starting to run and could run up to about 4 miles but with considerable knee pain in the knee from which the meniscus and cartilage had been removed surgically many years previously. Armed with a new belief and over the course course of two and two thirds years we restructured and reorganized Gary’s body and prepared him for his 100 mile challenge. In about a year he had successfully run a 50 mile race. The next year he ran multiple 30 to 50 mile races, often two in a weekend. On July 20th, 2013 he ran the 100 mile Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run in 26 hours and 59 minutes and came in 28th out of about 200 starters. Gary is my hero.

His plans for next year are running four 100 mile endurance races in just twelve weeks, and I am honored and look forward to helping coach him and his body through the process.

All this is to introduce you to Bill Parravano’s podcast about maintaining healthy joints, and I would say healthy connective tissue. Check out his podcasts at:  Bill Parravan’s Podcasts. And, his Podcasts are on iTunes as well. His website is

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