Harry’s – The Best Razor ?

I love this line: Want to stop overpaying for a quality shave?

I imagine many of you out there shave, and you think that the only good razors are made by the giants (you know Gillette, Schick,… and the blades are pricey and who are those people anyway, whom I have been supporting forever).

Well I have news! I ran across a great razor from a great website. I loved their style and the way the whole website seemed really inviting. (I’d be happy if my website looked and acted like theirs.)

I bought one and am loving it. It feels good. It looks good. And the packaging was marvelous and sexy. I’m thinking of giving all my friends Harry’s Razors for the Holidays, crazy right.

Well, the blades are something like half the price of the high price commercial razors. And, you can get different colored handles.

What the heck. Sexy, German engineering, inexpensive, great shave, easy to buy, they make you feel right at home and you are already friends. All you have to do is click this link, check them out, and get a great shave for less. You get to be the judge.

Let me know if you like them like I did, okay.

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