Fundamental Movement Skills – Simple Life Skills

I recently searched Fundamental Movement Skills to discover how others might consider that topic. From the Australian government I found

I was amazed at how long it takes to develop and perfect many of the Fundamental Movement Skills, and how we take it for granted that we have already learned and perfected them. Many older adults who find themselves a bit unsteady could certainly benefit from revisiting and relearning (or for some of us acquire for the very first time) many of those Fundamental Movement Skills. In a way that is what Feldenkrais, Laban, Alexander, and Hellerwork SI techniques are all about, aren’t they.

It immediately got me to thinking that one of our Body Beliefs is that once we learn something it is done, complete, finished, but it’s not that way, is it. We can learn and relearn all of our lives, and most of the time not only are we not trying to improve, but but we don’t even know exactly what we are doing.

Another website brought this home to me where one of the prime notions is to learn at any age to do what we are doing, to figure out what we are actually doing, and create some games to make all the fundamentals of that activity better.

When we do these simple tasks we get better at everything, our brains continue to develop and learn rather than decaying and stagnating. We grow continuously and enjoy life fully.

One of the things I find satisfying is helping people learn how to use movement and body learning to have a satisfying, fulfilling, capable life in every realm including personal relationships and business leadership.

I am curious in what areas of your life you have physical skills that you don’t feel comfortable with, or skills that you would like to acquire, or skills and abilities that you’d like to improve upon. What do you say?

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