Dynamic Self Work – Dynamic Structural Integration – GraviDynamics –

Recently I have been practicing a new way of working that works really well. I like to think of it as Dynamic Structural Integration. My long time friend and mentor Joseph Heller, of Hellerwork fame, calls it GraviDynamics. It is a way of working that turns the power and responsibility for the work over more and more to the recipients body. Some might say where it belongs, since we are trusting that bodies do really know best how to heal themselves.

Sure an educated touch and expert body wisdom are great, but after a little practice it can also be accomplished at home with a friend or loved one to help you deal with discomfort and pain all on your own.

In the hands of a talented practitioner the results are awesome, quicker, more long lasting, and the new structure and new habits of movement and posture are learned very easily. The results are great posture, efficient movement habits, self confident expression in all areas of life.

Maybe you will want to watch Joseph and Kathleen Heller’s introductory video on YouTube:

Introduction to GraviDynamics


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