Cristiano Ronaldo – Tested To The Limit – Amazing Brains

I recently watched a video demonstrating the amazing skill our brains have of deciphering information in an instant. It shows  the visual skills of Cristiano Ronaldo, an amazing soccer player. It shows how his brain was able to decipher where an object (or a person’s intent) is going to be in space from very little data. You will be amazed.

He was able to determine where a person’s intent was by observing his hip and body motions. Moshe Feldenkrais used to say that in Judo you get to know your opponent’s body patterns and limits so well that you know where his or her next step has to be judging by where it is, its directions, speed, its limitations, etc. Then you just help him or her to the ground along those directions. Awesome.

It reminds me of helping a friend Jan learn to juggle many years ago. She was having a difficult time tracking and catching the balls. On a whim I suggested she open her eyes only when the ball was likely to be at the top of the arc (open the eyes for only a blink) and then close them and try to catch the ball.

It was mind boggling. She could catch the balls. You may want to try this yourself with a single ball. Your brain is capable of calculating exactly where the bal will be with seemingly no information. Amazing brains we have.

The Incredible Visual Skills of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo – Tested To The Limit HD – Mental Ability – Part 2/4




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