Congruence, Trust, Confidence, and Charisma

Consider the notion that trust isn’t really earned, only granted. The largest indicator of people granting trust is congruence. Congruence in communication happens when all aspects of a communication are going in the same direction and describing the same story; language, words, voice, tone, tempo, volume, body posture, body structure, body connectivity patterns, shape, gesture, breathing, use of space, weight, attention, flow, etc. When they are all working together it is charismatic, right!

That is a lot to track and analyze, given our one track linear minds, especially when it is talking to itself so consistently. But, bodies listen to and read other bodies all the time. We have been doing it since early childhood. ┬áCommunications don’t have to always go through the conscious mind. Have you ever noticed when you just “sensed” something from another and couldn’t put your finger on it. Consider that it is your body “talking or listening” to another body. Why not? Animals do it all the time. In fact, that is their primary mode of language.

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