Bones are not meant to support you, liquids are.

You perhaps think that bones were meant to support you and all of  your weight. If you watch most people move you will see that they have the appearance that they believe their spine should support them. Beyond that, they appear to think that their spine is in the back of their body. Most people stand with their chest behind and their pelvis in front of their center of gravity. Push gently down on their shoulders and they will buckle for lack of support.

But what really supports your weight is the incompressible nature of your fluids, especially water.

And if you will just explore the fluids in your body for support and get them as vertical as possible along gravity and put the pressure through the entire volume of your body, then you will move more fluidly and less like a stick figure, your bones will last longer and take up less shock over a lifetime, your joints will thank you by not giving out and asking for replacement, and you will be less tired and have more energy.

If you press down on a relatively flexible tube or column of material like a 2″ to 3″ foam roller standing on end, you will find that it is most stable and supportive when it is completely straight and you are pressing along its length. If you bend the foam roller slightly and attempt to press through it you will feel it bend under the pressure. Actually, flexible tubes are a better material to use for this experiment because you can look down through the tube and see something quite interesting. When you get the most support you will be able to see through the tube the most easily, a fully open aperture. When your view is block by the bend in the tube, the aperture is decreased, then support is less just like the foam roller.

Meat when put on a counter does not flatten out like an egg. There is support in each of the tiny tiny segments of the meat. Wrap that with skin and strong fascia and it can be quite stable even without a bone. Add the bone (also about 30% to 50% water in a tube) and you have even more support.

So just like a foam roller aligned fluid volumes provide support for the human body. The more you experience this the more upright and stable your posture becomes. And yes, the happier you will be and appear.

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