Sitting that Saves Your Back and Grows Your Business

Business people don’t seem to think that their posture and the way they sit affects their success. What could be further from the truth. How one sits commands attention and┬árespect and instills confidence. Sit too straight and you appear stuffy, too slumped and you appear slovenly. Many transactions are lost for some nebulous reason that often reflects the way one of the people used his or her body and posture to communicate with their colleague or customer.

When you simply offer some attention to your body use, then you will know how to adjust your self to fit the situation and seal the deal or make the sale. It all comes under the heading of behavioral flexibility.

So, what is the “best way”? We are mostly confused about the “best way” to sit. Each of us has at some time or another been “encouraged” to “sit up straight”. But, most of us are at a loss to know what that really means. When we do “sit up straight”, we may feel like it is uncomfortable, and it doesn’t last long. We quickly and unconsciously revert to our habitual way.

There are some comfortable and easy ways to sit that will serve us well and increase our productivity.

If you will just observe the 7 elements of sitting, then you will feel better, have more energy, and be more productive at work.

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