Connective Tissue Change Work- Functional Elegance, Healing the Past, Embracing the Future

Healthy Connective Tissue is our birth right. Without it life is miserable. All the cells, organs, and tissues in the body are enveloped, fed, and irrigated by it. They get all of their fluids, energy, and sustenance from it. Connective tissue is both a fluid and a fiber, somewhat like a sponge. When treated badly and neglected it drys out like beef jerky or an old hard dried sponge. Fibers get sticky and bound together and movement is limited. Undesirable cross linking of fibers proliferate. Cells don’t get their proper nutrition and waste removal is impeded. Everything gets inflamed.

Connective tissue change work restores fluidity and vitality to the fascia and helps encourage unlinking of the fibers. Tissues, organs, and cells receive their proper nourishment. Fibers are freed to move and handle tensions in all the right directions. As cells drink and absorb food they revive and flourish. Posture and performance improve. Life gets better.

What if poor posture, pain, weakness, poor coordination, injuries, surgeries, suffering, and poor self image were avoidable or at least fixable?

Feel better, release fascia and connective tissue tensions, align and balance the body, move with lightness. Enjoy new body beliefs that inspire you to action and aliveness.

Strengthen, straighten up, move with ease and grace, more energy, prevent injuries. Heal quickly from injuries, surgeries, and emotional and physical traumas. Establish and maintain a vibrant deep rapport with your body, with your self.

Here is what’s available:

1.)  peak performance at work, at home, at play, at sports.

2.)  remarkably less tension, aches, and pains. release of fascial adhesions.

3.)  elegant posture. physical and emotional well being. mental strength.

4.)  coordination, flexibility, and agility. smooth out twists and scoliosis.

5.)  optimize your relationship and connection with self and others.

6.)  body language that communicates what you want and mean.

7.)  age gracefully – active, alive, vibrant, fluid, youthful, and resilient.

8.)  heal past injuries, scars, surgeries, and emotional and physical traumas.

9.)  prevent future injuries and surgeries.

10.)  enjoy a happy relaxed body with cells and organs and mind to match.

Meet Stuart Bell

Stuart broke his neck in 1971 while serving in the U.S. military.
Nothing really seemed to help, so he began a journey of learning, observation, discovery, and recovery.

He noticed that people were most limited by pain, posture, and tension. Accidents, physical and emotional traumas, poor childhood development and stunted body learning are generally the preventable causes of imbalances and alignment problems. Physical education and sports training, while often useful, often lack what we really need in the way of basic, necessary movement learning and re-patterning skills. In fact PE and sports are often the cause of later problem behaviors, postural and structural imbalances, poor performance, and lead to those awful aches, and pains we now have.

Along the way, Stuart studied connective tissue change work, anatomy, and developmental and movement learning. He completed comprehensive trainings in Hellerwork Structural Integration, Feldenkrais Functional Integration, Alexander Postural Integration, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Visceral-Cranial-Sacral Balancing, PNF, NLP Marin, and Joint Mobilization.

From the work of Carl Buchheit and Family Constellation work he realized that in addition to great connective tissue change work and movement work you also have to heal the childhood and ancestral body and emotional imprints that keep a body stuck.

During his 35 years experience teaching and in private practice he’s discovered that he has a special talent for helping people get the most out of their body and movement. He helps them turn their focus away from pain and trauma and toward grace, ease, resilience, and aliveness.

Stuart helps clients experience the excitement, pleasure, joy, and happiness of living in a body that moves well, feels marvelous, and looks great.

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Stuart J. Bell BodyNLP
Stuart J. Bell


Life without structural and functional fascial connective tissue balancing is like sailing without trimming your sails and rudder. It’s inefficient, slow, and tiring.

Movement with a misaligned body and unbalanced posture is like driving your car with misaligned wheels and unbalanced tires. It wears you out, and it’s dangerous.

Trying to stand and live in gravity without a balanced aligned posture and movement is like flying an airplane without using trim tabs on ailerons and rudders. It requires far too much effort, attention, fuel, and work.

Performance, physical and mental, in an untuned body is like driving a race car with an untuned motor, a distorted frame, and wobbly suspension. You can’t win.


Look younger, feel better. Vitality, resilience, longevity.  



Call Stuart at 510 684-3173
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