Structural Integration Changes Body Posture, Alignment & Movement for a Happy Healthy Body

Let Structural Integration help you transform you and your body.
From poor posture, imbalance, pain, and misalignment to a body with great posture that runs like a well oiled machine!


Here is what Structural Integration offers:


1.)  peak performance at work, at home, at play, at sports, on stage, in the boardroom.

2.)  remarkably less tension, aches, and pains.

3.)  improved posture for physical and emotional well being, physical and behavioral flexibility.

4.)  improved communication, relationship, and connection, inside and out.

5.)  updated body language, stop unconscious patterns that thwart communication.

6.)  grow older gracefully – stay active, vibrant, and healthy along the way.

8.)  enjoy a happy healthy relaxed body witch a mind to match.

Meet Stuart Bell


Stuart broke his neck in 1971 while serving in the army. Nothing really seemed to help so he began a life long journey of learning, observation, and discovery. He noticed that people were being limited by pain, poor posture, and tension that were often caused by accidents, traumas, and poor early childhood learning and misalignment. He noticed that “normal” childhood education, sports training, and school physical education programs are woefully lacking and often the cause of problem behaviors, posture, structural imbalance, movement, and pain.

Along the way he mastered Hellerwork Structural Integration (Rolfing type work), Feldenkrais, Alexander, Visceral Cranial Sacral and Joint mobility work.

In addition, during his 35 years experience in professional practice and teaching career he developed his own unique approach and skills necessary to help people get the kind of body, movement, reliability, grace, ease, performance, and resilience they truly want.

Stuart developed his body of work to empower people (and horses) to explore, transform, and master their own body, posture, structure, alignment, self image, self beliefs, and movement from the inside.

Most importantly, Stuart’s mission in life is to offer clients a cutting edge, world class self transformation and physical re-education program.

Stuart helps clients experience the excitement, pleasure, joy and happiness of living in a body that moves well, feels marvelous, and looks great.

Now call Stuart at 510 684-3173 for a free Structural Integration Consultation and Strategy Meeting.

Stuart J. Bell BodyNLP

Stuart J. Bell – Structural Integration

When we learned how to make our body move and work as youngsters, we lacked vital information. Additionally, parents and schools weren’t much help. What’s relevant is that physical learning and mastery can be an exciting ongoing processes. And, probably this work may be your best choice and hope for future well being.

You now have a real opportunity to learn what is truly possible and make dramatic physical, structural, alignment, movement, emotional, and behavioral changes that will result in you moving through life with less effort, more freedom, and true behavioral flexibility.

Are you ready for that change?

Look younger, feel better. Vitality, reliability, and longevity.  

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Find out what is possible.


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